Women, Children and Fundamental Rights


JWP believes in equal rights for men, women and children across the society. It has been relentlessly working towards enabling women to become capable of making her own choices and decisions. The recognition of women’s agency plays a vital role in our organization. The role of men in this process is to form an informed partnership, and strive towards a safer family, community and country. JWP believes that to make a real difference, policies for change have to be demanded and formulated to suit local needs. All necessary implementing mechanisms should be put in place and for the effective change to come out in the society. This needs continuous and concerted advocacy with the Government and allied departments at all levels.

JWP’s work aims at safer and better lives for women and children. To this end, JWP works to ensure:

  • Equal status for women

  • Basic human rights such as food, shelter and employment

  • Action against violence and crimes such as domestic violence, rape and trafficking

  • Effective educational facilities, good health and mental well-being

  • Protection against discrimination, desertion and sexual harassment

  • Control over resources including land and property-related resources

  • Equal participation in decision-making processes at all levels

  • Special emphasis on the rights of migrant women, minority women, and women domestic workers

JWP commits itself to eradicate exploitation and denial of basic human rights of women and children via the use of effective networking strategies amongst like-minded organizations, institutions and individuals and direction interaction with government representatives at all levels.


JWP has been campaigning with other child rights and human rights organisations to ensure that all basic rights are provided to all children, without discrimination. It has been involved with the India Alliance for Child Rights for many years, collaborating on several projects as well as studies.

  • A child’s identity as a human person and citizen

  • Basic human rights such as food, shelter and right to education

  • Action against child marriage, child labour, child abuse, trafficking and child prostitution

  • Good health, mental wellbeing and medical attention

  • Recognition of the equal status of the girl child

  • Prevention of malnutrition and promoting good health practices

  • Educational and extra-curricular opportunities for all children

  • Gender-sensitization workshops held for children to make them more aware about the subject

It has also demanded for action against various forms of child sexual abuse and demanded necessary changes in existing laws and formulating new laws and a stronger commission for protection of child rights. Some of the major areas of concern have been prevention of child marriages, child labour and child trafficking for various purposes. Questions of child sexual abuse and rape has been continually addressed by JWP. Several campaigns with children in the slums have been conducted against child marriage and child labour to primarily sensitize children both boys and girls in order to prevent them from becoming victims.