There is a rampant need to address the situation of health and nutrition for women and children in India, especially in rural and semi-urban areas.

Based on years of experience at the grassroot levels, JWP believes one of the most crucial aspects of any developmental intervention is the need to emphasise on community-based responses and capacity building, along with wide-spread awareness. Thus, JWP engages in promoting optimal health care and nutrition practices for women and children; spreading awareness and understanding about hygiene and sanitation; meeting micronutrient requirements and preventing & treating severe acute malnutrition as key goals for the health and nutrition programme.

The emphasis is on promoting a concept of total health and nutrition, which includes not only physical health but also emotional and environmental protection. We believe by equipping women with good health practices, we can ensure increase in capacity building, community participation, spreading awareness, and better healthy lives for themselves and children.

In the past, JWP has organised several health camps with the help of local doctors and the Lioness Club, who handle preventive and curative aspects of health.

Major areas of work for JWP have been:

  • Regular discussions with women’s groups and community leaders on general medical problems and diseases
  • Discussing issues related to women’s reproductive health and STDs, HIV/AIDS, etc.
  • Community health-awareness about malnutrition, immunization and emphasis on health problems related to early marriage and sexual abuse.
  • Community health-awareness about maternal health and post and prenatal pregnancy
  • Training of health workers, who organise people to recognise problems of ill-health
  • Interaction with local administration and political leaders to ensure cleanliness and hygiene is maintained in surrounding areas
  • Better and safer housing conditions for the people
  • Access to clean drinking water