We believe every child has the right to basic education and we strive to provide them with a safe, inclusive learning environment.

Joint Women’s Programme has been engaged in campaigning for free, mandatory primary education for all children in slums and rural areas, and wherever it interacts with women and the community for their rights as citizens of the country.

JWP’s education programme includes a non-formal educational programme for children of the age group of 4-12 Years, that is from class 1 to Class 5. It also runs creche facilities and a pre-primary education programme.

We also have a dedicated programme for adolescent girls and women, where the focus is on adult education classes, legal and health education programmes, and skill training in tailoring, durry making and computer classes.

Regular community meetings are organised to provide information about existing schemes and policies of the Government which they can avail off. We envision that these programmes for young women will not only allow them to complete their education, but also be trained in gaining transferable skills, which will help them to become independent in their own right. These bright students also help us to gain a deeper understanding of the local issues, comprehend and analyse problems affecting children, incidents of violence, along with health issues and other concerns in the area.

The Mera Sahara Protection and Learning Centre is one of our most successful projects. Similar patterns of teaching and skill-development are also followed in the other JWP Centres in Delhi, Harayana, West Bengal and Faridabad.