Action against Violence

Action against Violence

Violence against women and children has been a major area of concern for us. We believe that merely having the necessary laws in place is not sufficient, extensive preparations have to be made at the level of the implementing mechanisms, as well as the grassroots level to make the laws effective for all.

JWP handles cases reported to it on the following matters:

  • Rape and child sexual abuse
  • Dowry harassment and death
  • Sexual abuse and violence at the workplace
  • Various forms of domestic violence
  • Child marriage
  • Honour killings
  • Foeticide and infanticide
  • Kidnapping, sale and trafficking of children and women for prostitution and labour.

JWP holds constant discussions and meetings with urban slum and rural communities on the need for protection of women and children against trafficking and violence. The primary concern is to ensure that families are informed and made aware about the existence of touts and the nexus involved in trafficking.

JWP has taken proactive action on the issue of human trafficking and has been successful in making it a public issue. Interactive sessions have been conducted, information, education and communication materials have been prepared, self defense training has been organised and advocacy conducted at the highest decision making levels in order to address the issue and provide necessary legal measures. JWP’s effort on this issue has been to look at it from both viewpoints – a rights based development concern and a matter for law enforcement. In order to prevent trafficking, JWP runs day care centres and primary schools for children in neglected areas – this includes early childhood care and education, health care, nutrition, placement in schools and vocational training for adolescent children. Community and parent teacher meetings highlight the need to protect children from being sold, trafficked, forced into marriage, abused and kidnapped. Any support for this programme is welcomed by JWP.