Project COVID

As we find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic, our country is trying very hard to come together and fight against this collectively. We at the Joint Women’s Programme (Project Mera Sahara) have been working relentlessly to further the cause of women and child empowerment for over three decades now.

During this time of crisis, we have focused on children (especially those dependent on milk; between 1-5 years), pregnant and lactating women, and malnourished children. We also want to focus on distributing eco-friendly cotton pads for menstruating women, to prevent them from risking their lives owing to the unavailability of sanitary pads.  

Whilst COVID-19 has brought forth new challenges and struggles, we have to recognise that the shortage of proper food, nutrition, and medical treatment has been a constant struggle for many marginalized communities across India. This crisis has worsened the situation for the vulnerable and underprivileged communities even further.

Over the past 13 years, JWP has worked towards creating a protective environment for women and children in the area, with a focus on education, learning, nutrition, good health, and sanitation. We work directly with over 1000 families in Nithari. Most of the families comprise of domestic labourers, daily wage labourers or migrant workers. Our past surveys have shown us the poor state of health and sanitation in the community, along with very high rates of malnutrition amongst women and children.

 It is our duty to focus not only on the bare minimum provisions of essential rations (rice, dal, atta) but also make some efforts at providing nutrition and personal hygiene items to these families.

With limited resources available to us, we have already been distributing essential supplies to some districts around us. 

Till date, we have sent relief packages to over 10,000 people in the surrounding areas with the help of some local partnerships and other donors too. Our focus has been to provide dry rations like rice, daal, atta, spices, sugar, salt, oil, tea, along with milk powder for pregnant/lactating mothers and infants. We also include vegetables and fruits wherever possible. We have partnered with some women’s organisations who make cotton sanitary pads. We have distributed more than 150 sanitary pads to adolescent girls and women. We have also given Folic Acid supplements to women and girls

Want to help? Click the link below! All monetary donations further our cause immensely, however, please keep this in mind: 

→ Rs. 2000 feeds a family of four for 2 weeks (essentials) 

→ Rs. 4000 feeds a family of four for a month (essentials and nutrition)

→ Rs. 1000 allows cotton pads to be donated to women and adolescent girls